A.R.C.A.N – Virtual World


Roles:  Experience Designer and Sound Designer.

Production time:  4 weeks.

Team: Alexis Oyama, Chong Zhang, Arvind Kumar and Antonio Santos.

Awards: First Penguin Award, Building Virtual Worlds Show 2010.


This is our last project for the Building Virtual Worlds class, and we wanted to make something big. The Kinect had not been released yet, and our goal was to build something similar but in only 4 weeks. We developed a color-tracking system using a webcam that recognizes 5 colors. The performer wears a colorful attire that is tracked by the system and in real time, the character in the game moves in the same way as the performer.

We also complemented this technology with a funny and bizarre virtual world, the puppet world. The goal of the game is to control the blue puppet in order to defeat evil monster-puppets that threaten to rule the puppet world. Save them using the whole body in this unique adventure.

A.R.C.A.N got the attention of the faculty and the students, because of its unique way of combining this new technology with an hilarious story, winning the First Penguin Award during the Building Virtual Worlds Show 2010.