SmashGP – Fighting Game Characters

Role:  Character designer.

These are 3 characters I created back in 2004 for the videogame SmashGP. SmashGP is a combat game made by mATkEUpON, initially for the GP32 console, but soon was ported for the PSP and the GP2X as well. It is based on the game Smash Bros, but adapted to handheld consoles, with 2D graphics. The playability remains the same, with 4 players fighting at the same time and 2 especial attacks per character.

I have always loved Smash Bros since it was released for the Nintendo 64, so when I saw SmashGP I was really excited about being able to play everywhere on the GP32. Immediately I started doing characters for the game. They are completely playable, with all their attacks, sounds and animations and they are pretty well balanced. You can download them from here:



SmashGP can be played on the GP32PSP and GP2X.