Five Days – Virtual World

Five Days is an interactive performance-based virtual world. The actor/performer views the world through a head-mounted VR display. Five Days was one of a handful of worlds featured the the 2010 BVW show, becoming the first virtual world in the history of the Building Virtual Worlds course to require that the end-of-semester show have a content advisory for younger or squeamish audience members.

All you can eat – Video game

As part of the Building Virtual Worlds, we made a game where the player is not the typical survivor trying to escape an horde of zombies. The player is the actual zombie. Using a Head Mounted Display, the player sees the world from the perspective of a zombie who has to eat as many of his neighbors as possible.

Scissors game – Video game

We built a giant pair of scissors and placed two infrared lights in them. Using the Playmotion device, capable of detecting infrared light, we made this 2-players game, where collaboration and fast reflexes are the key. Each player has to grab one side of the scissors, and the have to cut all the objects that fall from the top of the screen.