Epidemic – Video game

Roles:  Game Designer, Sound Designer, Co-Programmer.

Production time: 48 hours.

Team: Gordon Jeffery, Arvind Kumar, Wai Kay Kong and Antonio Santos.

During the Global Game Jam, people all around the world rush to make videogames in just 48 hours. Epidemic was the game my team of 4 developed, from January 28-30, 2011. We used Unity 3D to make it, and it is a single player game, with a top-down view and 3D models.

The player controls Bortolo Cortés, who is the last flodo immune to the great epidemic. Some of your blue flodii friends are with you, as well as other infected flodii.

– If an infected flodo touches a blue flodo, this gets infected.

– Touch the infected flodii to destroy them and prevent the epidemic to expand.

– Try to have at least one surviving flodo.

Play Epidemic in your browser (WebGL, takes a few seconds to load).

Download it for Windows.

Visit the page of our Epidemic game: http://globalgamejam.org/2011/epidemic