The Clarck Mansion – RPG Adventure

Role: Game Designer.

Production time: 2 weeks approximately.


This is an adventure module designed to be played as a role playing game. When creating this adventure, the main idea was setting the players inside a puzzle that they could solve, or at least be very close to solving, in a few hours. My passion for mystery RPGs made me lean towards making a thrilling adventure based on the Cthulhu Mythos.

A little kid is missing from the Clarck Mansion. It is summer and in their small town near London everything is always nice and peaceful. Nobody can understand how the boy could suddenly disappear without leaving any clue. The police and the family are desperate, and here is when our adventures come into place.

The design document includes the brainstorming process, the detailed story, a description of all the characters, as well as a prediction of how the adventure would perform, and the results after playing it.